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Welcome to Mini Mansion Productions. Based in New York City, we work with local artists to create short films and plays with the goal of expanding our network and range of experience to advance our storytelling ability.

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Shes, Theys, & Plays: A 10 Minute Play Festival

We produced a play festival! The one day event featured 6 directors, 6 playwrights and their original plays, and 14 promising young actors. With over a hundred tickets sold, we'd call our first venture into theater a success!

Hop on over to the Shes, Theys, & Plays tab to watch.

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Full Video Coming Thursday, June 13th, 2024

In celebration of Pride, we are releasing our newest short film!
On Paper follows Abby, a plucky yet inexperienced bisexual, as she is faced with a situation that could either bolster her sexual resume or crush her confidence when it comes to hooking up with other women.
Does taking the leap outweigh the fear of rejection?

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Our largest project to date, Visitors is a 15 minute short film featuring thirteen collaborative crew members, an ensemble cast of four, and the spookiest house we could find on Airbnb.

Following a shared traumatic event, Jen invites her three friends to her house for the weekend. Upon arrival, their coping mechanisms clash as eerie events transpire, driving them all further apart.

You can watch the trailer by clicking the button below, the full film is currently unavailable to stream as it finishes out the 2024 festival circuit.

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