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We are a volunteer based group whose main goal is to have fun

in a creative environment in which we can grow in filmmaking and storytelling together.

We began as a small group of midwestern transplants who wanted to create films together and have since grown our network exponentially into the collaborative team we are today.

2024 marks Mini Mansion's first foray into theater with our play festival, Shes, Theys, & Plays.

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Jana Lowery (she/her) works here at our company as an EP, Writer, Gaffer, and Editor. She has been a freelance editor for about 5 years, working on scripted & broadcast TV, short films, talk shows, commercial, branded content and other various projects. Her main goal: Have fun and Create a learning environment for herself and her team


Katie (she/her) has always had a passion for TV and film, especially after being an executive producer for Survivor: Michigan in college. Since moving to New York in 2021 she’s worked in live entertainment production, casting & marketing. Katie is always looking for new experiences, opportunities to learn, and aims to help tell meaningful & inclusive stories.



Emily (“Fisch," she/her) has a background in theatre directing to which she attributes her passion for working with actors, production design, and concept. She believes strongly in the merit of preparation and developing a strong craft to fall back on when inspiration runs out and to jump off of when inspiration strikes.
She has worked in a variety of positions in the film industry since transitioning to New York in January 2018, but directing narrative stories is where her heart lies. Her main goal: to one day exclusively support herself by directing interesting, character-driven stories and to work with passionate people who have unique perspectives and collaborative work habits.


Baily (she/her) is a full time teacher and director who focuses on telling new stories with an emphasis on those about women.

Directing: “The Larry Ray Show” (Green Room 42), “One for the Road” (NALPA), “Matterhorn” (Producer’s Club), “On the Tracks” (Digital Dramatists), “Personal Library” (Discovery New Theatre Festival), “Bully” (Ball State University), “Prism Project” (Ball State University)

Film: “Visitors” (Mini Mansion Productions).

When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her adorable pup, Olive, crocheting, and watching horror movies.

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